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Conversation Between YLEkutre and cupofkahvi
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  1. YLEkutre
    6 Days Ago
    Moi! ... well, no I don't speak Finnish (yet). I'm just starting to study it, just like you ;-). Actually, I really do not know why I'm so attracted to Finland, that's why I said it maybe that I was a Finn in my previous life or so... my "love story" with Finland started when I was in school, I remember they asked us to write a paper about a country and I decided Finland because I was pretty much into Formula 1, and there was Mika Häkkinen who was a Finn. I wasn't even his fan, but his country seemed enough "not heard about yet" for me to investigate. Then I went to Finnish embassy in Venezuela, they offered me a lot of stuff about the country and it was like love at first sight. Then I got into Finnish music also, and then it became impossible for me to scape...
    LOL. Well, that's my story. Feels so nice to share it ;-)!!!!
    Paljoin kiitoksia!
  2. cupofkahvi
    1 Week Ago
    Hei! Cool bands! Do you speak any Finnish? Are you studying it by chance? I study it but I'm a beginner and can't say much anything interesting in Finnish.
    Your description of why you like Finland, I agree with! I like your main picture by the way with the Finnish flags! I guess the first reason why I liked Finland is 'cause of all the great music, I know not the best of reasons to like a WHOLE COuntry. But then I learned more about the country, culture and language and so that's when I really started to appreciate Finland (not just the music there). How about you? Can you remember your first memories of when you really began to like Finland or have you always had an interest?
    Hyvää päivänjatkoa! Have a good day!
  3. YLEkutre
    1 Week Ago
    Hi cupofkahvi!... I am actually fine, having a cup of kahvi myself.. XDXD
    And you?
  4. cupofkahvi
    1 Week Ago
    Hei! Mitä kuuluu?
    Hey! How are you?
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