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  1. Restos
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    Hola !
    de que se trata el trabajo ke ofreces ?


  2. Ali
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    Hey man hope u had a superb birthday party, too bad we couldn't make it. May be next time )Happy birthday from us
  3. Ali
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    Hello Delfin, how have u been man. I am sorry if i wrote wrong spellings for your name )
  4. Nariamma
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    gracias por la ayuda, te respondí en MP,
    y... intenté agregarte a mis amigos, por lo menos esa fue la intención, espero que aceptes la solicitud
  5. afinnegirl
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    I said: So, you're interested in my current status? Status meaning what it says next to my name on the profile after I post. You posted on one thread wondering about what it meant.
  6. afinnegirl
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    Olitko sa kiinnostunut mun statuksesta vai? Se on salaisuus.. hyssssh!
  7. afinnegirl
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    Mun koira on poika ja sen nimi on Steve. Se ei oo kauheen kiinnostunu muista koirista. Se yleensa haistelee etta mika se on ja sitte kaantaa selkansa ja kavelee pois.
  8. afinnegirl
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    I enjoyed meeting you yesterday. You aren't a typical Mexican that I've met in the US. You were a lot of fun! I hope to meet you and your lovely wife again sometime.
  9. gg1975
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    Eres Italiano? perche ho visto in giro cerchi di parlare in Spagnolo! bueno si quieres hablar espanol no problem por aqui!!! me intereso mucho este sitio porque tengo intensiones algun dia conocer bien Finlandia...
  10. heleeva
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    For sure I'll spend the whole ... August in Helsinki ( summer school + visiting friends ) and probably get to Finland for the Christmas break ... I still have to make up my mind ... But I'll check this website from time to time, anyway

    Take care and I wish you a lot of smile !
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Wanna play with my snake?

by djvm98 on 25th-April-2008 at 06:36 PM
If you have owned a Nokia phone on the last 15 years it would be practically impossible you don’t remember this classic game included on it: Snake.

That’s the concept for the newest N-Gage Nokia campaign, which includes a funny TV spot with the merit of not use any computer animations and other modern resources. Based on an impeccable, almost handmade, production and stop motion technique.

But the funniest thing is the website, that gobbles you up with captivating music – that in my personal experience translated myself to those never ending afternoons in front of my Atari console.

This doesn't sell you any particular product, but the video game experience taken beyond. So, let’s get out and play!

Updated 29th-November-2010 at 04:10 PM by admin


Web experiences

by djvm98 on 31st-March-2008 at 11:13 AM
When surfing on Internet sure you have found, most of times coincidentally, that kind of web you simply can’t resist to share with your friends, with funny thematic, involving stories and impeccable performance.

Great Pockets

Your pockets are big enough to carry all the stuff you normally need? This includes besides your car keys and wallet, your mobile phone, iPod, PDA, GPS, CD’s, DVD’s, USB’s, PC and all the acronym names the modern devices have become nowadays. Not to mention all the incredibly variety of stuff women use to carry on their handbags.

At this point sure you may look like the old man on the photo, puzzled by the idea of carrying tons of gadgets with yourself. Sure you think you won’t be able to carry even a personal computer, but what about if you would need it? So Great Pockets by Henry Needle & Sons are definitely the solution.

Jealous Computers

Have you ever thought your computer may attack you? Motivations would be.
How well do you treat your computer? Why do you think they warm that much? What about if your brain should be forced to memorize large amounts of precise information and have them ready to be retrieved when required with just a key touch? Would it be capable? This web widely documents how computers have begun to rebel themselves, facing the mistreatment and discrimination they receive from their owners.

This websites are captivating enough not to let the surfer

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Experience a Nordic forest... online

by djvm98 on 20th-March-2008 at 11:36 AM
One of the things that have impressed me the most has been the amazing natural heritage there’s here in Finland. The 70% of country’s territory is covered by endless extensions of greatly rich forests, unaccountable number of lakes (more than 187,000 they say), surprising wild inhabitants like elks or the less famous flying squirrels and of course the purest air you could ever get into your lungs.

It is obvious to think that one of the country’s most important industries is the wood and paper production one; representing around 30% of exportation's income. And it is exactly from the largest Finnish printing paper and other forest derivatives producer – also amongst the world's leading ones, that I have found this awesome website.

It’s an extraordinary piece of online communication, firstly because it meets several objectives at a time: to promote Finnish natural heritage, to evoke awareness about how to take care of our environment and over all – maybe the most important issue – it explains how to responsibly exploit forests; controversial topic nowadays, but this company has managed to complain strict sustainable forestry regulations, even the United Nations, Greenpeace and WWF endorsement.

Secondly because this web transports you to the very heart of an undiminished Nordic forest, explaining with an incredible high iconicity degree every single detail about wildlife. Unveiling secrets from the thousands of hiding natural processes happening

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Updated 17th-November-2008 at 04:04 PM by admin


Convertible cars are fancy… even when snowing.

by djvm98 on 12th-March-2008 at 03:50 PM
A thing that has really shocked me while walking on Helsinki streets has been the amount of cabriolet version cars. I remember over the Mediterranean coast whether being in Spain, France or Italy, convertible cars are a constant. It is really nice way to travel, enjoying the driving experience with some sun and fresh wind on your face.

But why in the hell should you buy a car which main characteristic and benefit can be enjoyed only very few days a year? OK. There have been some extraordinary electric-blue-sky sunny days during the last two months. But hardly someone will dare to open his car’s roof when outside maximum is 2º C.

Considering the length of winter, which effects are pretty extended in these latitudes, beginning in late September embracing autumn and going over a practically inexistent spring. The truly warm days – if we can call them like that since it is not guaranteed you will be able to wear t-shirt all day long – go from mid May to end of August on a good year. But you cannot count on it, since weather in Finland is totally unpredictable; you could find yourself using your roofless car only few days in June.

Does it worth? As far as I can see on the streets, it seems yes. The experience of rolling around on a convertible, feeling that sun only shines for you, acquires a fashionable new dimension on Scandinavian roads. Nourishing your lungs with impeccable forest’s essences or delighting your eyes with awesome starry

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How to build an igloo

by djvm98 on 12th-March-2008 at 03:45 PM
Walking around last weekend with our dog I found out what for non-Nordic people is a maximum curiosity. Igloo building still remains as a survival method for intrepid trekkers, mostly off touristic areas, because of course this doesn't mean normal people lives actually on this structures.

At the west bank of Helsinki's bay the Tapiola quarter emerges with one of the very firsts shopping centers opened on the 70's. It seems they are trying to attract more customers to this really old fashioned mall, and this weekend the main attraction was some "ice performances". Including ice sculpting, on the picture what the artist intended to create was a swan.

But the most intriguing thing was, so far, how to build an igloo. I always thought that you were suppose to cut the ice on big bricks and then put them one after another on the appropriate way to shape the curve structure. Totally wrong. I shot a video (unfortunately this blog doesn't allow to upload it ) that illustrates better how they use that kind of pivot - centrally anchored - and with the "brick builder" on the other side, where you should put some compacted snow. As it goes circling the house begins to get its characteristic shape, such easy!

Experts on the snow building art, Finns are famous for being able to build all kind of ice structures, from simple houses to the worldwide famous Ice Pubs and Ice Hotels. Recently even I heard about someone who managed to build another

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Updated 17th-November-2008 at 04:01 PM by admin

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