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  1. Katkaista
    14th-February-2009 - permalink
    jajaja, nah, it's not as amazing as it could be.... I love finnish language (though I barely know anything) and one day I was having a look to my catalan-finnish dictionary and, for curiosity, I looked for "mutilar" and I found Katkaista.... And I loved the word, the way it sounded (yeah, I also looked for the fonetics)... So that's my nickname.

    =P Sorry if you expected a way big and thrilling story.

    P.S. Though my real name is Júlia ^^ Wanna tell me why natsumi?
  2. Blazco_
    14th-February-2009 - permalink
    Ahh, guys.. we always bring problems
    You're on holidays!! wow that's nice . I've been bored as hell, been at my grandparents home for one week, it was ok though. And then when I came back to Santiago, I've had the best week in my life.

    btw, what movie will you see?
  3. Blazco_
    9th-February-2009 - permalink
    Hey Aurora! long time. How are you? How is school going?
  4. cupofkahvi
    6th-February-2009 - permalink
    Thanks about the picture, I took them around my school. I really like the photos you have taken of Finland, they are great!
  5. pedroagi
    3rd-February-2009 - permalink
    Hello you.. =)
    Finally i came here again... :P well just to tell u that I'm here in Finland about 6months, and i'm loving it i love this country, the snow, the cold, the blond hairs ^^ but never saw you around... do u have facebook? see ya :P
  6. cupofkahvi
    26th-January-2009 - permalink
    Thanks for the information about Footloose as well as the corrections, my Finnish isn't very good. I can read it a lot better than I can write it I guess. I meant to ask about holiday gifts, meaning would you like to get a postcard from the USA? I've done postcard exchanges and find them to be very fun and interesting is all. Vaikka rakastan suomenkieltä, on nii vaikeaa ja en ole hyvää suomeksi! Anteeksi, yritän harjoitella mun puhekieltä! Tämä on vaikeakin. Tiedätkö jossain hyvässä hotellissa voin jäädä Helsingissä? Ehkä matkustan Suomeen maaliskuussa! Olisi kiva jos voisin matkustaa Helsinkiin! Myös, viime yönä unelmoin vähän suomeksi! Kuten kaksi sanaa mutta vielä minusta tämä on mielenkiintoista! Sulla on onnea koska voit puhua suomea! Nyt mitä kuuluu? Mistä pidät tehdä vapaa-aikanasi? Anteeksi jos en ymmärrä sua, mun suomi on huono. Tarvitsin lukea englanniski.
  7. maniya
    25th-January-2009 - permalink
    cool hope u did it great!ooo exams!I gave them all but this Tuesday I will get the results ... no good things in it I guess T-T but I wish you'll be successful with it
    well everything is great ^^ gigs? well no :S school goes great!
    oh co0oo0o0o0o0ol! so u like Negative! ofcourse I like them! no matter if I was kicked out of school 2 years ago because of them I liked them I love them & I will adore them for ever *I know I sound so sick!* heh you made me so happy! but i'll be waiting until you finish your exams ofcourse well about CDs I couldnt find them anywhere so I bought them online & also 2 albums of Indica ^^
    but if I see their CD somewhere surely I would buy it lol!
    ohh no matter
    joo nähdään !
  8. cupofkahvi
    25th-January-2009 - permalink
    I was wondering if you would like to exchange a postcard or something? I think it would be cool to get a card from Finland, and I could send you one from the USA.
  9. cupofkahvi
    16th-January-2009 - permalink
    hey how are you?
  10. maniya
    7th-January-2009 - permalink
    heillo :3 !!! long time no talk I miss u :S

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    playing Cello,Piano and guitar,studying Japanese,仔雅です,Streetdance,movies
    All kind of music without looking to the genre/style if the music only sounds good to me.
    Favorite Bands
    Miyavi,Apocalyptica,Bob Dylan,Indica,Eminem,Negative,Dobacaracol,Michael Jackson,The Impressionables (my own band xD),ThrowAwayHeroes,Sincara,Movie music,B2k,Pink,Leona Lewis, Apulanta and many others
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    Why do you like Finland?
    'cause it's my homecountry and my heart will always belong here.


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