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Conversation Between natsumi382 and cupofkahvi
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  1. cupofkahvi
    5th-April-2009 - permalink
    Hei! Kiitos kommennistasi! Oli kiva saada! Mitä kuuluu?
  2. cupofkahvi
    1st-April-2009 - permalink
    Hei! Sorry I haven't put up the photos yet from my vacation. I'll do so soon.
    Can you recommend to me any tips on how I should continue learning Finnish and it's vocabulary?
  3. cupofkahvi
    6th-February-2009 - permalink
    Thanks about the picture, I took them around my school. I really like the photos you have taken of Finland, they are great!
  4. cupofkahvi
    26th-January-2009 - permalink
    Thanks for the information about Footloose as well as the corrections, my Finnish isn't very good. I can read it a lot better than I can write it I guess. I meant to ask about holiday gifts, meaning would you like to get a postcard from the USA? I've done postcard exchanges and find them to be very fun and interesting is all. Vaikka rakastan suomenkieltä, on nii vaikeaa ja en ole hyvää suomeksi! Anteeksi, yritän harjoitella mun puhekieltä! Tämä on vaikeakin. Tiedätkö jossain hyvässä hotellissa voin jäädä Helsingissä? Ehkä matkustan Suomeen maaliskuussa! Olisi kiva jos voisin matkustaa Helsinkiin! Myös, viime yönä unelmoin vähän suomeksi! Kuten kaksi sanaa mutta vielä minusta tämä on mielenkiintoista! Sulla on onnea koska voit puhua suomea! Nyt mitä kuuluu? Mistä pidät tehdä vapaa-aikanasi? Anteeksi jos en ymmärrä sua, mun suomi on huono. Tarvitsin lukea englanniski.
  5. natsumi382
    26th-January-2009 - permalink
    Hassu is ummm more like something you could say for example about something which you find rather weird or cute and that's why you laugh to it.^^
    Thought it could be there too, just sounds a bit strange to my ears.

    And when you ask what does something mean and then put : there, would probably be better to ask: "Mitä tämä tarkoittaa?:" = "What does this mean:"

    Vappu on ok, tosin sitä ei yleinsä olla täällä juhlittu hirveästi, muuta kuin ostamalla isoja heliumilla täytettyjä ilmapalloja
    = Vappu is okay, thought it hasn't been celebrated here too much, maybe just by buying some big balloons filled up with helium.

    You buy holiday gifts to your friends? Why's that? Did you have some party during the holiday break?

    En ymmärrä paljon sanoja että ovat tekstissä.
    ---> En ymmärrä paljoa tekstissä olevista sanoista.
    En ymmärrä paljoa sanoista, jotka ovat tekstissä. Languages are difficult
  6. natsumi382
    26th-January-2009 - permalink

    Sorry for keeping you wait, I was doing a musical and it took all my time,
    but now I finally answer to your e-mail.

    Footloose is a great movie telling a story about a young (cool xD) guy,
    who has to move to a small countryside village from a big city in the 80s in USA.
    The special thing about the city is that rock-music and dancing is totally banned there.
    This guy loves dancing and music and starts to rebel againts the adults.
    And of course the guy falls in love with a girl who's father is a priest and
    the most passionate dance-hater.
    It's a musical and very good one (my opinion^.^).
    Here's a link to the main song of the movie (I love it):
    YouTube - Kenny Loggins - Footloose (movie scenes)

    Eeeh!?!! Exercising in the sauna!!!! O_o That's really something xDXD

    Hmm... Btw did you mean: Myös minä pidän juhlista ja Uudesta vuodesta! Ne ovat hauskoja! (?)

    To be continued... ^^
  7. cupofkahvi
    25th-January-2009 - permalink
    I was wondering if you would like to exchange a postcard or something? I think it would be cool to get a card from Finland, and I could send you one from the USA.
  8. cupofkahvi
    16th-January-2009 - permalink
    hey how are you?
  9. cupofkahvi
    11th-December-2008 - permalink
    That's fine I'm pretty busy too with mid term examinations. I can't wait for holiday vacation! What's your name by the way?
  10. natsumi382
    11th-December-2008 - permalink
    Hellou I'm fne thanks, thought really tired... I get your message to my mail.
    I'll answer you soon, just really busy now
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