If you want to know where to go to light your new years fireworks then simply wait until about 11pm and follow where most are going off. Then at the stroke of midnight (or just before) light yours off with the rest of the crowd. Some people go to where there are public clocks and they start singing a countdown from 23:59/11:59pm

If you need to know where you can buy fireworks, then simply go to any major shopping mall. It's pretty hard to miss them. You need to be at least 15 to buy fireworks and 18 to buy larger more dangerous kinds of fireworks. It is illegal to light them before 6pm 31/12/10 and then after 3am 1/1/11. Please respect the people who live here who like their peace and especially those war veterans that fought for Finland's freedom.

A set of fireworks commonly costs 10 however some are happy with spending upwards of 100 because it's practically the only day that they are legal in the country.

Hope this helped