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Thread: Foreign Driver's License Exchange Regulations

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    Cool Foreign Driver's License Exchange Regulations

    Hi. I am an international student from Pakistan.
    I have my driver's license from Pakistan and from the UK. I do not want to sacrifice my UK driver's license by exchanging it to a Finnish Driver's license because if I go to UK and purchase an insurance declaring that I have an EU license but not a UK license, they will rip me off.

    Instead, I would like to exchange my Pakistani license to a Finnish License.(As Pakistani License is not giving me any joy anyway). I went to the Oulu Police station and explained the whole situation. The officer said that I will have to wait until I reside six months in Finland. He confirmed that Pakistani license could be exchanged for a Finnish license.

    Does anyone know
    1.why a limit of six months? I understand that his advice was wrong and from the website of POLICE, it suggests that you must exchange your foreign license within 6 months of your stay in Finland. I am confused and need advice on that please.
    2.Do I have to own a car and have been driving in Finland for full six months in order to be eligible? Someone has to verify this as well I think?
    3.The officer said that I will have to surrender both my UK and Pakistan's licenses in order to claim a Finnish license. This is wrong? Right? I don't wanna lose my UK License at any cost. Is it advisable that I do not mention about my UK license at all the next time I visit them in order to apply for exchange? How they can take both and give me just one? This is absurd.
    4. I have an International Driver's permit from Pakistan. Will they accept it to exchange or will they want my regular license as well? My regular license has expired as driving licenses in Pakistan are only valid for 5 years from their date of issue and have to be renewed in person at the local office and pay the renewal fee. I am going to surrender it anyway so not bother about renewal but would require your advice/suggestion on these issues please.

    Kind Regards

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    Default Re: Foreign Driver's License Exchange Regulations

    If you are residing here as a student you must wait 6 months. You're not entitled to drive there within that period. Especially now as it is winter there are strict regulations of people who do not have the qualifications to be able to drive in the snow anyway.. (No snow in Pakistan and not good enough conditions to even be deemed as 'snow' in UK). Not to mention as a student you should be putting back into the system as much as you can with transport on buses and trains. Not freelancing by buying petrol. That's just the way it is, if you are an international student you are meant to be injecting as munch funds as possible in Finland for the privilege of education.

    I will say again that you are not allowed to drive at all within that 6 months. That should answer the first 2 questions. You're lucky that they even accept your drivers license what, with, you coming from a place with absolutely no snow or anything that should prepare you for being able to drive on black ice and in the winter.

    If you wish to seek the ability to drive in Finland you will probably have to surrender both your licenses yes. That is how it is in Australia as well. However because we are part of the Commonwealth we can get a permit without having to destroy our license inside the EU but to get one into Australia you have to unless it's from the UK.

    You cannot surrender a license that has expired. If you have an expired license then you don't have a license. An expired license is not a license at all. Seeing as you cannot drive on an expired license. That's obvious really. So you will have to surrender the license that you have that has not expired (The UK one) if you don't surrender it then you have no license and you have to start from scratch here to get a license. Which means you have to go through driving school etc. I don't even know if the courses are in English or if international students are even allowed to take them.

    Apart from that I don't know why you are asking for clarification on what if a Policeman said is true or not here.. they don't lie. They're Police for a reason.
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    Default Re: Foreign Driver's License Exchange Regulations

    Requirements for granting a driving licence permit

    A driving licence permit is granted to an applicant who

    * fulfils all the health requirements laid down by Government decree
    * lives permanently in Finland or has been studying in Finland for at least six months
    * is not considered a danger to traffic because of habitual abuse of alcohol or other intoxicant
    * is not banned from driving in Finland or in any other EU or EEA country
    * has not been guilty of operation of a vehicle without a licence during the last year.

    A driving licence permit will expire one year from the date of issue if the applicant does not collect the driving licence within this period.
    When applying for a driving licence, the following must be submitted:

    * 2 photographs (required if the previous photographs were submitted more than 3 years earlier or the applicant's name has changed)
    * young person's health certificate (obtained no more than five years earlier) or a driving licence medical certificate (obtained no more than six months earlier)
    * written consent of parents/guardians when applying for a moped, motorcycle or tractor licence if the applicant is under 18 years of age.

    In addition to an application form, applicants must fill in a form asking whether they already have a driving licence issued by another EU or EEA country, or whether they have been banned from driving in any EU or EEA country.
    Issuing a driving licence (covering both the short-term driving licence and the subsequent permanent driving licence) EUR 60
    New short-term (phase I and II) driving licence without the need to take a driving test EUR 60
    Issuing a driving licence in other cases EUR 40
    Decision to refuse a driving licence permit EUR 30

    If you are refused a license after the necessary paperwork has been filed you will be charged a 60 EUR application fee plus a subsequent 40 EUR denial fee.
    So the policeman wasn't lying.

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