Hi everyone, i m selling some things:

-ikea sofa-bed 45euros (original 89e) (http://www.ikea.com/fi/fi/catalog/pr...80119585),with the red color cover and two small pillows. Mattress cover is on the zip, so can be removed and washed. Condition: good, but there are two wooden planks broken, otherwise it is fine.

-Netwjork 150Mbps WLAN router 15euros(original 19.90e). I have bought it from verkkokauppa this summer, so the warranty is still valid. 9624 - Netwjork 150Mbps WLA - Verkkokauppa.com Condition:Excellent.

- Old computer: power block,flat screen display and keyboard and mouse, all together for 40euros. Russian OS installed.

All things can be found in Koivukylä, Vantaa. Contact: liliag(at)metropolia.fi