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Thread: A German and A Chinese in Finland

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    Post A German and A Chinese in Finland

    Hello folks!

    WE have somehow a funny situation here, and I wonder and hope if someone might have a hint or any clue... Thanks beforehand!

    Anyhow, I am a Finnish peaking Chinese immigrant myself, with a German husband who would like to have a closer touch to Finland, for example, some freelancer jobs or so, it should not be a regular 40h per week job, since he has strong roots in Germany for the next years at least, so just paking and moving is a too radical and not working option. It would be something flexble.

    He is able to do a lot, and

    speaks and writes German and English
    experienced with PR
    Change management
    Martial Arts Training
    Texting or marketing

    and so on.. It's just Finnish lacking, unless we count 'Kippis'
    Any ideas, my fellow forum readers?


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    Well Marketing/PR is hard without knowing any Finnish...as most companies here target the Finns...but there are sometimes jobs...but also many applicants for them...

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