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Living in Finland

  1. What it means to live abroad

    by on 6th-August-2009 at 05:21 PM
    I believe that most people who decide to move and take up residence abroad and this includes myself,go through what can only be described as a cultural shock.Some people feel that they can adjust quickly,others may take some more time.

    With regards to my own personal experiences,I found looking back on the early years,that there were definite stages of change with in myself and coming to terms with living abroad and a new country,culture,customs and language.

    * Tuorist or Honeymoon period
    * Cultural,customs,language shock
    * Settling down and adjusting to a new lifestyle
    * Anger at being isolated
    * Finally coming to accept and begin integrating in to the new society

    Tuorist or Honeymoon Period

    When I first arrived in my destined for country,Finland.Everything was taken as though I was only on a holiday.Everything was extremely exciting and at times I would feel, much as Peter pan felt in those classic childhood books.There just was not enough time in the day to explore,everything I wished to explore

    The excitement of trying new foods,discovering a new city and being amongst a language that I had absolutely no knowledge of,was adrenelin pumping and very addictive.But unlike a tourist you are not returning home.I had the constant feeling that a dream had come to fruition.It really resembles getting married for the very first time,the excitement of getting there ...

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  2. Finland Voted Second Safest City in The World

    by on 4th-July-2009 at 07:10 PM
    I was lying awake in bed the other night,it was 0230.I was enjoying the silence of the city of Helsinki.This was at what the British term “Pub kicking out time”.I was listening to the night birds(feather variety)chirping and passing messages,what ever they do.I did not hear any cars or voices,apart from the local Night Bus Service,hourly.There was true silence.Only the rustle of the tree leaves in the gentle breeze and the occasional movement of a wild animal.There was no shouting or screaming from drunken homeward bound late night drinkers.

    It was a place and time unto itself.In the morning I funnily enough received by email,a report.It was entitled “Luxembourg the worlds safest city”
    Helsinki second safest city in The World

    In the anual 215 city survey,conducted by human resources consulting company Mercer.Helsinki,Finland came joint second place with Geneva,Zurich and Bern(Last three in Switzerland)Pointers that had a big influence on these rankings,included:Politically stable countries with good international ralations and sustainable economic growth and Personal safety and security.

    I for one find some confirmation of what I already have seen and believed for a long time.The city is kept spotlesly clean,the Helsinki Public Transport runs predictably and on time.The Helsinki City Police keep a low profile while maintaining safety for inhabitants and visitors to The City(This applies equally well throughout ...

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    Bicycle/Bike Shops in Helsinki

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    Telkku - Finnish TV program

    by on 28th-January-2009 at 10:59 PM
    The Finnish TV program can be found at
    Living in Finland
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    Parks in Helsinki

    by on 22nd-January-2009 at 07:18 PM
    Here is a list of Parks in Helsinki:

    Alppipuisto Park

    Esplanade Park

    Flower of Life, artpark for children


    Helsinki City Winter Garden

    Helsinki University Botanic Garden

    Hesperia park

    Kaisaniemi Park

    Kaivopuisto Park

    Sibelius Park

    Sinebrychoff Park

    Töölönlahti Bay
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    Living in Finland
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