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Culture in Finland

  1. Finland Voted Second Safest City in The World

    by on 4th-July-2009 at 07:10 PM
    I was lying awake in bed the other night,it was 0230.I was enjoying the silence of the city of Helsinki.This was at what the British term “Pub kicking out time”.I was listening to the night birds(feather variety)chirping and passing messages,what ever they do.I did not hear any cars or voices,apart from the local Night Bus Service,hourly.There was true silence.Only the rustle of the tree leaves in the gentle breeze and the occasional movement of a wild animal.There was no shouting or screaming from drunken homeward bound late night drinkers.

    It was a place and time unto itself.In the morning I funnily enough received by email,a report.It was entitled “Luxembourg the worlds safest city”
    Helsinki second safest city in The World

    In the anual 215 city survey,conducted by human resources consulting company Mercer.Helsinki,Finland came joint second place with Geneva,Zurich and Bern(Last three in Switzerland)Pointers that had a big influence on these rankings,included:Politically stable countries with good international ralations and sustainable economic growth and Personal safety and security.

    I for one find some confirmation of what I already have seen and believed for a long time.The city is kept spotlesly clean,the Helsinki Public Transport runs predictably and on time.The Helsinki City Police keep a low profile while maintaining safety for inhabitants and visitors to The City(This applies equally well throughout ...

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  2. Aleksis Kivi's Avatar

    Traditions & Culture in Finland

    by on 21st-January-2009 at 10:21 PM
    Traditions & Culture in Finland

    I have listed below some traditions and culture in Finland:

    Pääsiäinen - Easter in Finland
    Easter in Finland is called Pääsiäinen where people eat mämmi.

    Runeberg Day - Runebergin päivä - in Finland

    On there is Runeberg Day in Finland (February 5th) people eat Runeberg cakes.

    Sahti - Traditional beer from Finland made from a variety of grains, malted and unmalted, including barley, rye, wheat, and oats.

    Cloudy, mildly alcoholic beer with yeasty and phenolic flavors and distinct taste similar to banana.

    Source: Wikipedia
    GNU Free Documentation License

    Salmiakki - A variety of liquorice that contains a relatively large amount of ammonium chloride in addition to the liquorice root extract, sugar, and starch or gum arabic that constitute normal liquorice.

    Source: Wikipedia
    GNU Free Documentation License

    The basic components of a puukko are a hilt and a blade along with a sheath, which can be attached to a belt.

    The puukko's blade has a single curving edge and a flat back.

    Traditional material for the handle is birch. (also Oak, ash, pine bark, horn, scrimshaw and bone).

    Finest puukkos have blades of Damascus steel, and forging a blade using blister steel was considered the hallmark of a master smith.

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  3. Aleksis Kivi's Avatar

    Johan Julius Christian

    by on 16th-December-2008 at 11:33 PM
    Johan Julius Christian "Jean" - "Janne" Sibelius

    8 December 1865–20 September 1957

    Finnish composer of the later Romantic period and one of the most notable composers of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

    His music played an important role in the formation of the Finnish national identity.

    Source: Wikipedia
    GNU Free Documentation License

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  4. Mobile service saga

    by on 25th-August-2008 at 03:40 PM
    In India, mobiliesm is increased like hell. due to tough competition in mobile services, hell has broken in. The other day i was in meeting and phone rang and lady at the other end wanted to sell ABN AMRO credit card. I said no i donot need it, as I already have many. ten minutes later a call from ICICI bank, lady in native language asking me if I want a personal loan, I coldly replied i don't need it. After half an hour I got a call from HDFC life insurance, telling me about health insurance, I was not polite this time. While driving from office to residence, i got a call from another bank for personal loan. I did find that many people in India are sailing in same boat, they get calls in and out, as part of tele marketing. Goverment is trying to control this companies but in vain.

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  5. djvm98's Avatar

    Wanna play with my snake?

    by on 25th-April-2008 at 06:36 PM
    If you have owned a Nokia phone on the last 15 years it would be practically impossible you don’t remember this classic game included on it: Snake.

    That’s the concept for the newest N-Gage Nokia campaign, which includes a funny TV spot with the merit of not use any computer animations and other modern resources. Based on an impeccable, almost handmade, production and stop motion technique.

    But the funniest thing is the website, that gobbles you up with captivating music – that in my personal experience translated myself to those never ending afternoons in front of my Atari console.

    This doesn't sell you any particular product, but the video game experience taken beyond. So, let’s get out and play!

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